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JIS(Japanese Industrial Standards) is the code of Japanese industrial standard, and it is the most important and authoritative standard in the national standard of japan. Divided into civil construction, general machinery, electronic instruments and electrical machinery, automobiles, ships, railways, steel, non-ferrous metal, chemical fiber, pulp and paper, mining, management, system, ceramics, daily necessities, medical appliances, aviation safety, information technology and other 19. As of February 7, 2007, there are 10124 JIS standards.

Characteristic of JIS Pump:
1. JIS materials are usually bulky, heavy, and of high value
2. JIS material is generally in the process of assembly, process standardization degree is higher
3. The production space is limited, and there is no surplus personnel to manage the line side inventory
4. JIS engineering changes occur less, inventory switching management is easier
5. Instead of using the traditional physical Kanban (including the empty container board of 2-bin), it uses the sort pull signal and takes the electronic form as the main form.
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