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  • Pompa centrifuga monostadio La pompa monostadio è una pompa con una sola girante, con un sollevamento massimo di soli 125 metri. La pompa centrifuga monostadio comprende corpo pompa, coperchio pompa, motore con albero di uscita, pompa ... view
  • Одноступенчатый центробежный насос Одноступенчатый насос представляет собой насос с одним рабочим колесом, максимальный подъем которого составляет всего 125 метров. Одноступенчатый центробежный насос включает корпус насоса, крышку насоса, двигатель с выходным валом, насос ... view
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  • مرحلة واحدة مضخة الطرد المركزي مضخة مرحلة واحدة هي مضخة مع المكره واحد فقط، مع رفع أقصى 125 متر فقط. وتشمل مضخة الطرد المركزي مرحلة واحدة مضخة الجسم، غطاء مضخة، المحرك مع رمح الانتاج، شاف مضخة ... view
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The single-stage pump is a pump with only one impeller, with a maximum lift of only 125 meters. The single stage centrifugal pump includes pump body, pump cover, motor with output shaft, the pump shaft, bearing pedestal, impeller, mechanical seal and sealing gland of the pump body are connected with the motor through an extended elastic coupling. The rotation direction of the pump, from the driver side, is rotated clockwise. The characteristic of wanflon is that it also includes a dual coupling between the output shaft of the motor and the pump shaft. And the guide bearing of the auxiliary supporting pump shaft installed on the bearing seat; The interlocked coupling is the rigid connection between the output shaft and the pump shaft of the motor, and the space distance between the output shaft of the motor and the pump shaft is convenient for the mechanical seal and the sealing of the machine seal. There is no need to remove the motor and pump cover when repair or replace mechanical seal.

The main features of the single stage centrifugal pump:

  • Stable operation: the absolute concentricity of the pump shaft and the excellent static and static balance of impeller ensure smooth operation and no vibration.
  • Water leakage: the hard alloy seals of different materials ensure no leakage in different media.
  • Low noise: the pump, supported by two low-noise bearings, is running smoothly except for the motor's weak sound, which is basically noiseless.
  • The failure rate is low: the structure is simple and reasonable, the key part adopts the international first-class quality supporting, the whole machine has no trouble working time greatly improved.
  • Convenient maintenance: replacement of sealing, bearing, simple and convenient.
  • More province: the export can be left, right, up three directions, it is convenient for piping installation, and it can save space.

The single-stage pumps can be used for conveying clear water and other liquids similar to clean water. It can be used in industrial and urban water supply and drainage, supercharging of high rise buildings, garden sprinkler irrigation, fire control, long-distance transportation, heating and cooling circulation, bathroom, etc.

The multistage pump
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