Croos Pump (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
The centrifugal pump provided by CROOS PUMP (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. can work as water transfer & removal pump, irrigation pump, circulation pump, boiler pump, booster pump, sewage pump,etc.. It is widely used in fields like mining, residential, chemical processing, commercial building, agriculture, oil & gas and other industrial utilities.
  • Irrigation PumpIrrigation PumpSeptember 12, 2017The installation requirements of irrigation pumps are very strict. First, the foundation of the pump should be strong, and the length of the suction pipe should be reduced. Secondly, the inlet pipe sh...MORE
  • Sea Water PumpSea Water PumpSeptember 12, 2017The Definition of Sea Water PumpIt is suitable for fire fighting, equipment cooling, and sea water desalinization. It can also be used as the heat pump air conditioning of the ground source in the coa...MORE
  • Booster PumpsBooster PumpsSeptember 12, 2017The classifications of the booster pumpBiogas type centrifugal booster pumpThe pneumatic booster pumps are divided into gas-liquid booster pump and gas booster pump. The booster pump is based on the l...MORE
  • Water Transfer PumpsWater Transfer PumpsSeptember 12, 2017The principle of water transfer pump:The water transfer pump, including pump body, pump cover, impeller with sealing ring and induction wheel; The pump body and the pump cover are equipped with the se...MORE
  • Water Removal PumpsWater Removal PumpsSeptember 12, 2017A water removal pump is a pump used to discharge the liquid in a pool or a large reservoir.The Working Principle of Water Removal PumpThe working principle of a centrifugal pump is: depending on the r...MORE
  • Sewage PumpSewage PumpSeptember 12, 2017Definition of the Sewage PumpSewage pump is one kind of centrifugal impurity pump, which has many forms: such as diving type and dry type, and the most commonly used diving type is WQ type diving sewa...MORE
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