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  • Commercial BuildingsCommercial BuildingsSeptember 12, 2017The collection and disposal of urban sewage water are essential, which are of great significance to the rational utilization of water resources and urban environmental protection.Civil areas include h...MORE
  • Industrial UtilitiesIndustrial UtilitiesSeptember 12, 2017The biggest challenge for industrial drainage is to maintain a stable operation to prevent additional costs associated with system disruption. Reliable and efficient drainage systems are particularly ...MORE
  • Oil & GasOil & GasSeptember 12, 2017In the process of storing and transporting oil, pumps are used widely to increase energy of liquid and overcome flow resistance, so as to achieve the goals of transporting by pipeline.Oil gas pump typ...MORE
  • AquacultureAquacultureSeptember 12, 2017It is understood that in the total amount of fish consumed worldwide, the proportion of cultured fish has risen from 5% in 2007 to nearly 50% today. The World Bank, FAO and IFPRI in 2014 launched a re...MORE
  • AgricultureAgricultureSeptember 12, 2017Agriculture Pump Selection Agricultural water pump is a kind of agricultural machinery. A water pump is a machine that transports liquids or pressurizes liquids. According to the working principle and...MORE
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