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The double entry pump has two water Chambers, and the water comes in from both sides, so it creates its large flow. As an important form of centrifugal pump, the double entry pump is widely used in engineering due to its characteristics of high lift and high flow. The pump impeller is actually composed of two back-to-back impellers and flows from the impeller into a volute. The general pump is from a water inlet, which means that the difference between the single suction pump and the double entry pump, the flow of single suction pump is relatively small. The double suction pump is mainly inhaled at both ends of the impeller. The advantage is that the anti-cavitation capability is stronger than the single-suction pump, and the balance axial thrust is better than the single-suction pump, and the operation is more stable.

The double suction pump is generally used in more water. The suction inlet and outlet of the water centrifugal pump are at the bottom of the center axis of the pump, and the horizontal and axial axes are vertical and open in the pump shell. It is also convenient to disassemble and repair without disassembling the inlet. When the pipeline and motor are excluded, the pump is rotated counterclockwise from the direction of the coupling to the pump.

The double entry pump has the following characteristics:
1. It is equivalent to two single suction impeller with the same diameter, and the flow can be doubled under the same impeller.
2. The pump shell is open in the horizontal, and the inspection and maintenance are convenient, at the same time, the double entry pump import and export in the same direction and perpendicular to the pump shaft, which is conducive to the installation of the inlet and exit of the water pipes.
3. The impeller structure of double suction pump is symmetrical, with no axial force and stable operation. It can meet the requirements of high flow and high lift. It is widely used in drainage irrigation, water supply plant, pump station, power station, chemical industry, mine, firefighting, ship, etc.
4. It has beautiful appearance and good stability and it is easy to install.
5. The optimized double-suction impeller reduces the axial force to the minimum and has an excellent hydraulic performance of the leaf type, and has been precision casting.

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