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How to Adjust the Rotational Speed of the Centrifugal Pump

In the use of various water pump products, the pump speed can be changed to reduce the flow rate on the basis of the rated speed of the pump itself. And don't know how to adjust the rotational speed of the centrifugal pump. In fact, there are many ways to adjust the speed of the pump, such as the converter to control the rotation speed of the centrifugal pump. Here are some effective ways to adjust the rotation speed of centrifugal pump for reference selection to achieve the effective method of regulating the flow of centrifugal pump.

The rotation speed adjustment of centrifugal pump and other rotating machinery is the process of adjusting and controlling the speed.

The optimal matching of centrifugal pump speed and operation parameters (characteristic data) can be achieved by speed adjustment.

1. The change of the logarithmic speed control

It can be realized by changing the speed regulating motor to achieve 2-4 kinds of polar logarithm. The speed limit of the change of the polar logarithm is quite limited. So this method of speed regulation is not the first choice for centrifugal pumps.

2. Speed adjustment of variable slip rate

The method of changing the phase of rotor potential is used to realize speed control. By changing the speed of the motor, the power loss of the rotor can be generated in the rotor. Therefore, this kind of speed control method only applies to the small power motor (as the wet air pump used as a hot water circulating pump).

3. Frequency control

Use inverter for speed control. Variable frequency speed regulation is the most common and ideal speed control method for three-phase asynchronous motors. The advantage is that it can achieve the best speed regulation performance, easy to use, high efficiency.At present, the most common use of water supply in high-rise buildings is this type of high-rise building variable frequency pump. If you need to know, you can click the frequency conversion pump to check.
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