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The development of centrifugal pump market is promising

The centrifugal pump works by centrifugal motion of the impeller. Before the pump starts, the pump shell and suction pipe must be filled with water, and then start the motor, so that the pump shaft drives the impeller and water to rotate at high speed. The centrifugal motion of the water is thrown to the outer edge of the impeller and flows into the water pressure pipeline of the pump through the flow passage of the volute pump shell.

Now the application of centrifugal pump is very wide and the demand is infinite. The prospect of centrifugal pump is also excellent, first and foremost. The prospect of centrifugal pump is very good. The pump has been an excellent one, and it will be difficult to replace it in the future. Plus the market demand this commodity, so the prospect is very good.

China's sales volume reached 158.7 billion yuan in 2018, according to statistics from the China industry insight network. In the sewage treatment equipment investment, the investment of the pump type accounted for 15% of the total investment in the machinery equipment. In the 13th five-year period, the demand for pumps in urban sewage treatment is about 60 billion yuan. There are nearly 40 billion market demand in the next three years, which is very good for the centrifugal pump industry.

In the future, for the oil industry in the oil production, oil transportation, refining, high efficiency water injection pump, heavy oil pump, oil pipeline pump and screw pump wait until the product demand increases greatly. Different types of industrial pumps demand about 14-15 units. For the three major chemical pumps, large chemical fertilizer Methylamine Pump, large and medium-sized high temperature and high pressure magnetic pump, special material non-metallic chemical pump market will also expand. Demand for various types of chemical pumps is 10-12 units.

At present, the vast majority of agricultural pumps on the market are centrifugal pumps. With its implementation in the country and agricultural pump products into the national agricultural subsidies directory, in the future, the agricultural pump industry will enter a period of rapid growth, annual output value of more than 12%. Agricultural pump industry as a sub sector of the pump industry, estimated that by 2018 the world's agricultural pump market will be more than 6 billion U.S. dollars.

At present, the design of centrifugal pump type is single, the same type of centrifugal pump is used in many working occasions. The whole adaptability of centrifugal pump is poor and the efficiency is not high. The day before the design trend of centrifugal pump is mainly designed for a specific use of policy conditions, targeted relatively strong. The designed centrifugal pump has high efficiency, and the running cost of the pump is relatively economical.

It is expected that China's power industry will develop at a higher speed in the next few decades. Feed pump, front pump, circulating pump, condensate pump, centrifugal ash removal pump, reciprocating ash pump, coupler, metering pump and other main types of pumps are important requirements, and the varieties need about 3500 units. And the nuclear main pump, up pump, stop cooling pump, spray pump, boiler feed pump, metering pump and other nuclear motor unit pump demand is about 1400 units. The future development of centrifugal pump industry is very gratifying.

The application of centrifugal pump is very wide. It is useful in many industries, such as chemical plants, mines, pharmaceutical factories and food factories. The effect is to transport liquids from one area to another. This process is required by centrifugal pumps, and some centrifugal pumps are used with spare pumps. The centrifugal pump used by the water company is not only the speed but also the power, it needs several spare pumps. Guangzhou disabled network, the intention is in case spare. Now the application of centrifugal pump is very wide and the demand is infinite. The prospect of centrifugal pump is also excellent, first and foremost.

1、Large market demand. With the development of industry, centrifugal pump is used more. And the service life of this kind of equipment is limited;

2、The global economy is improving. The centrifugal pump can also be exported, which is a large piece. And from the perspective of the past, the export of centrifugal pump is a large part, and beyond domestic demand;

3、The centrifugal pump is one of the better. This type of pump is used for a long time to come. And with uniqueness, other devices are hard to replace.

The development prospect of the centrifugal pump is very good. No matter how the times change, how technology develops, this kind of pump is already excellent. It is very difficult to be replaced in the future, and market demand is very good.

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