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The Development of Stainless Steel Pump in the Field of Green Environmental Protection

At present, energy conservation and emission reduction has been the main content of China's economic planning, moreover, the water pump as the transport equipment for industrial center fluids is widely used, which is the main part of energy dissipation. It is also a part of the energy conservation work. Therefore, the design and system of high efficiency and energy saving have become the focus of the development of stainless steel pump industry in China.

In terms of energy conservation, we have made many attempts, such as running the measuring line according to the working conditions, and tailoring the efficient impeller. And thoroughly deal with the increase of energy consumption caused by circulating water flow, the ambassador can reach the optimum level; For example, using the advanced polymer energy saving technology, the loss of the aging time can be replenished as far as possible to achieve the purpose of energy conservation. The transformation of these technologies has promoted the development of green and environmental protection energy conservation.

The pump industry has made qualitative progress in the improvement of the construction of water pump and the improvement of the water pump. Large water pump, low noise efficiency and power consumption can reach the international level, and the potential is huge. We will accelerate industrial restructuring in the water pump industry, increase the investment in research and development, and rely on intelligent technology to improve the stringent requirements for energy conservation and emission reduction. This is the best way to promote the purification and promotion of industry competition mechanism and promote the quality of the water pump industry in China.

It can be seen that in the introduction of technology, the combination of design and self-development, the comprehensive quality of the pump industry has been improved. It also expands the enterprise's mind to discover and develop new categories of pumps, and makes the product performance in the high end market to gain new customer recognition. More importantly, the change of water pump technology has promoted the sustainable development of energy conservation recycling economy. And the economic and industrial form of China's water pump is gradually advanced.
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