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Energy Saving Methods of Petrochemical Industrial Pumps

Improve the efficiency of the pump, and work hard in the design and manufacture of the pump, we can use advanced design and processing methods to make the pump, or adopt advanced technology to realize the efficiency of the pump utilization.

According to the introduction, there are more than 100 manufacturers of petrochemical pumps in China. In addition to the general pump, chemical process pump and water pump, independent research and development or the introduction of foreign technology in recent years, and developed a high temperature and high pressure feed pump, oil refining and petrochemical plants high-speed pump, cryogenic pump, shielding pump and chemical process pumps, parts meet the needs of the petrochemical production. The product quality has been improved greatly, the specification has been further increased to meet the needs of 80% of petrochemical industry in the domestic petrochemical industry.

However, compared with the advanced level of foreign countries, there is still a gap in the design theory and design method of petrochemical pumps in China. In particular, the development of hydraulic components in the early stage is not sufficient, in the research and development of hydraulic components of the pump, the production, learning, research is seriously decoupling. In general, the production technology of foreign petrochemical pumps is mature, the specifications are much, the standardization degree is high. The development direction of foreign countries is large-scale, quick running, electromechanical integration and pump products, standardization, seriation and generalization, many varieties, wide performance, long service life and high reliability, high efficiency, miniaturization, pump seal, bearing production of large-scale and specialization. In particular, high temperature, low temperature and ultra-low temperature pumps, high-speed pumps, precision metering pumps, anti-corrosive pumps, transporting viscous media and solid particle media pumps, shielding pumps and other products have developed rapidly.

1. The application frequency converter changed the speed of the pump and improved the operation efficiency of the pump.

The practice proves that the variable frequency speed regulating device is an ideal equipment for enterprise technological transformation and energy saving and consumption reduction. There is no doubt that this kind of speed regulating mode will be the center of the driving system in the petrochemical enterprise, the choice of pump class, and the selection of the type according to the load work. In practice, the pump is not operating at full capacity for most of the time.

It is a scientific method to control pump load directly by inverter.
Because the frequency converter can realize the soft stop and soft start of big motor, and avoid the voltage shock at startup, and it can reduce the failure rate of the motor, and prolong the use of orders. It also reduces the capacity requirement and reactive power loss of the power grid. Therefore, the promotion of the use of inverter for the purpose of energy conservation has become the focus of energy saving work departments and energy conservation work of various units.

2. The selection of pump and the correct use of the pump also determine the real realization of the energy saving and consumption of the petrochemical industry

The manufacturing enterprises have the responsibility to communicate with customers, and provide reasonable product models and related services, and the user must have a good selection of this to prevent the phenomenon of unnecessary energy consumption of  "big house drives small car".

The pump is the heart of the refinery, and the total amount of logistics during the refining process is about 40 times that of crude oil processing, so it is conceivable that the power consumption is large. In the refining plant, the electric motor is one of the most widely used electrical equipment. And most of its load is machine pump, and the fixed speed pump is only 30% ~ 40% of the power consumed by process logistics. And 60% ~ 70% of the power consumption is due to the pressure drop of the throttle control and the pressure drop of the pump outlet valve caused by the capacity of the handling capacity and the design margin.

Therefore, as the manager and the user of the pump, the pump should be selected rationally, and the selection should be reasonable. The matching of each component (pump, motor, various accessories) is the best and most reasonable. It is the key to improve the operation efficiency of pump. Secondly, it is necessary to select the appropriate modulated mode. Here are two conditions: the pump needs to be adjusted in time for the process flow or the pump itself is set to adjust the process parameters.

In the regulation, we should try to choose the variable speed regulation, do not need throttling regulation. As for the way to speed regulation, we should also analyze specific problems. If process parameters are basically stable, pump selection is too large, we take down the valve at the scene to regulate traffic, which can cause the pump work flow is far less than the rated flow, working pressure is much higher than the rated pressure, then, we can adopt the way of comparatively economy of cutting impeller outer diameter to adjust.

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