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Main reasons for overload of chiller pump

The reasons for the overload of water chiller pump are as follows:

1、Excessive load: When the pump installation method or the piping is incorrect, such as the water pipe of the pump, or the customer's load (the cold titanium tube is too few), the running resistance of the pump will be increased. This results in the increase of running current and the action of the trigger, indicating the overload failure of the water pump;

2、Water pump problem: Bad bearing, long time running, heating coil insulation resistance drop, etc..

3、Abnormal power supply: When the power supply voltage of the chiller pump is too high or too low, it will cause a failure phenomenon that the pump running current is too large and the pump is overloaded.

4、There are foreign objects in the industrial water chiller pump, which can cause the impeller of the water pump to get stuck when the water source is sucked in by the water pump. Increase the running resistance of the water pump, and the same pump running current increases, thus triggering the protective action.

5、The pump overload protector itself is not good. In contrast to the above possible problems and remove the broken parts and replace them.

6、The problem of controlling electric apparatus: Contact with AC contactor has bad contact or burn, make the water pump short running. Thus, the phenomenon of pump overload is generated.
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