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Selection Principle Of Axially Split Pump

The axially split pump is a universal mechanical equipment with a large and wide application scope. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical engineering, electro-metallurgy, mining, ship targeting, light industry, agriculture, civil and defense departments, thus occupying an important position in the national economy. By rational selection of axially split pump, we mean taking into account the pump unit and pump station investment and operating costs and other comprehensive technical and economic indicators, so that it conforms to the principle of economy, safety, and application. Specifically, there are several aspects:

1. It must meet the requirements of usable flow and pumping lift, that is, the pump running time point (the point of intersection of device characteristic curve and pump performance curve) should be kept at a high-efficiency range, so that power can be saved and gadgets are not easy to be damaged.
2. The pump we chose should have a small size, light weight, low cost, good performance and high efficiency.
3. It should be a pump with good anti cavitation performance, stable operation, and long service life.
4. The construction investment of the selected pump is low and the operation cost is low.

Selection step of axially split pump

1. List the basic data of the axially split pump, including the characteristics of the medium, the particle diameter and quantity of the body contained in the medium, medium temperature, the required flow pressure pipeline system data.

2. Determine the flow and pumping lift.

(1) Determination of the flow

a. If the production process has been given the minimum, normal and maximum flows, maximum flow shall prevail.

b. If the production process is only given the normal flow, certain margin should be left. For ns>100 large flow and low lift pump, the flow margin shall be 5%; for ns<50 small flow and high lift pump, the flow margin shall be 10%; for 50≤ns≤100 pump, the flow margin shall also be 5%; for pump with poor quality and bad operation conditions, the flow margin shall be 10%.

c. If the basic data only contain the weight flow, it should be converted to the volume flow.

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