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Technical Improvement of the Booster Pump

1. Connecting rod assembly part of the shaft of the burr and the wear of the copper sleeve

According to the study of the problems that occurred, it was found that the shaft burning was mainly caused by the small clearance between the axial and the crankshaft. At the same time, considering the easiness of the bearing of the shaft, the gap between the main connecting rod and the radial clearance of the crankshaft was 0.036 ~ 0.106 mm, and the adjustment was 0.120-0.192 mm. This reduces the problems caused by friction and lubrication. Because of connecting rod small fitting clearance between the copper sleeve and the crosshead pin is 0.10 ~ 0.239 mm, the range of fit clearance is larger, so the copper set of wears and tears, just put the copper set of wear parts appropriate grinding, it can be reused. After adjusting and repairing the connecting rod assembly, the use of the site tracking is good and can meet the requirements of the new assembly.

2. Wear of crosshead slide

To solve the problem of crosshead slide, the method is to repair the crosshead. The specific method is: first of all wear the sliding way to boring on the boring machine, and increase the size of crosshead,
Then, according to the dimensions of the pump, the size from the pump manufacturer will be added to the other size of the cross-section of the pump. This not only allows the worn shell to continue to be used, but the replaced crosshead can also be used to replace the cross head damage of other pumps.

3. Damage to the inlet valve and drain valve

The damage of the injection valve and drain valve of the booster pump was found. The original pump valve was found to be conical valve. After damage, it was difficult to repair, and it was not interchangeable. And a little wear and tear after repair can cause the pump not to be pressed, and the service cycle is short. Therefore, after repeated testing, the original hydraulic pressure charging system was changed to the "spring valve plate" valve charging system. The valve disc, spring, seat and valve cover of the system are interchangeable, and the repair is simple after damage.
The damage of the improved pump valve is mainly the abrasion of the seat and valve disc and the fracture of the spring, and the spring break and replace the new spring. When the seat and disc are worn, the contact surface could be ground according to the grinding condition without affecting the effect of the whole valve.
Through improvement, the supercharging system of the booster pump is more versatile and interchangeable, which is convenient for maintenance and can effectively prolong the use cycle of pump valve.

Leakage of the packing area

(1) replace the original expanded graphite filler with carbon fiber filler, in the normal operation of this kind of packing, the wear and tear is small, and they also do not have serious wear when burning shaft, and they have good wear resistance, and this kind of packing from embellish sex and resilience is stronger, they can turn dry and shaft under the condition of operation.
(2) the original guide sleeve and the structure of packing (guide sleeve) 2 (stuffing) (set) 2 (stuffing) 1 (guide sleeve) to 1 (set) 5 (packing) in the form of 1 (guide sleeve).
(3) when installing, it should be easy to fit, and comfortable. And apply a layer of lubricant to each of the filling in its mating surface. The pressure cap should not be pressed too tight before the pump starts, and the pressure should be adjusted slowly until the pressure is properly tightened. In addition, during the installation, the less the filler number, the less the wear, while ensuring the sealing.
(4) in view of the problem that the main and secondary seal bodies are damaged during the disassembly process, the packing is easy to leak out. The design of the auxiliary function extraction device is adopted to avoid the damage of the main and auxiliary parts caused by the disassembly process. The refit consists of two parts, one is the false adjustment nut and the two is the screw. One end of the false adjustment nut is made of thread parts according to the thread size of the adjusting nut, so that one end is milling a trapezoidal groove on the side; The screw head is threaded according to the screw matching dimension of the middle rod, and the other end is made into a trapezoid head. When in use, the main and auxiliary adjusting nut were removed, the side body is provided on a false letter pay adjustment nut, then the ladder head screw card in false pay trapezoidal groove of the regulating nut, the other end and the middle rod tightening screw, when the belt pulley is installed, the auxiliary body can be taken out by using the power of the pump running, and the main function body is not damaged. Thus, the leakage of packing can be avoided.

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