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The Characteristics and Installation Precautions of the Pipeline Centrifugal Pump

The pipe centrifugal pump is installed mainly to measure the installation height of the pump. This height refers to the vertical distance of the center line of the water pump impeller, it can't be confused. The information on the pump product shows that the vacuum suction is allowed, and the vacuum height is the numerical value of the inlet part of the vacuum pump, and it is measured in the standard condition. It does not take into account whether the water pipe supports the future water environment and the allowable installation height of the pump, but what you need to consider is that it excludes the rest of the water from the suction pipe head loss. The pump mounting height must not exceed the calculated value, otherwise, the pump cannot spring up. In addition, the size of the calculated value affects the head loss of the suction pipe resistance, therefore, the shortest piping layout should be adopted, and the corners and other accessories should be reduced as far as possible. A suitable large diameter pipe can also be considered to reduce pipe flow.

It should be pointed out that the installation position of the centrifugal pump and the temperature of the water are different test conditions, if the local altitude is 300 meters or the temperature of the injected water is above 20 degrees Celsius, the calculated value will be modified. This is the pressure of the atmosphere and the saturation vapor pressure at temperatures of more than 20 degrees Celsius. However, when the water temperature is less than 20 degrees Celsius, the saturated vapor pressure can be ignored.

The suction pipe is strictly confidential and can not leak water and gas from the requirements of piping installation technology, otherwise, it will damage the vacuum of suction inlet. Reduce water pump discharge and will be taken up when serious. Therefore, it is important to do well in the pipeline interface to ensure the construction quality of pipeline connection.

The notes of installation:

1. The basic surface of the installation must be smooth, clean and capable of bearing the corresponding load;

2. It needs a fixed place to use anchor bolts;

3. Vertical installation pump, the anchor bolt must have a certain strength;

4. To install vertically, it must be in the water pump above;

5. We should hold the key technology of centrifugal pump installation when fixed to the wall;

The features of the product:

1. The advanced hydraulic model: high efficiency and good performance.

2. Convenient and enclosed installation: the import and export can be installed in any position and any direction like valve, convenient for installation and maintenance.

3. The beautiful appearance: with high quality stainless steel jacket, beautiful appearance.

4. Reduce operation and maintenance cost: high quality mechanical seal, long use time, no leakage, low problem number, low maintenance cost operation.

5. The unique part will reduce the noise: the unique design of hydraulic component performance, the most noise reduction.

6. Vertical structure and small footprint.

The phenomenon of gas constraint

When air enters the air pump housing, the air density is much smaller than the density of the liquid, so it will produce a smaller centrifugal force. Therefore, the pressure cannot be activated by the pressure of the above tank level and pump suction entrance, the liquid will not have the ability to pump the centrifugal pump, so that the centrifugal pump cannot deliver the liquid in time. This phenomenon is called "the phenomenon of gas constraint". To fill the pump with liquid, we usually install a valve at the bottom of the suction tube installation area. This valve is used to prevent the solid material from entering the pump impeller causing damage or interfering with the normal operation of the pump.

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