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The Common Faults of Boiler Pump

The analysis and exclusion of electric motor overheat for the motor is the most common fault of the electric motor for the pump. The cause of overheating of the motor is mainly due to high voltage or low voltage, poor transmission, failure of ventilation system or fault of the unit, which causes the motor to overheat. When the motor is too hot, it can cause insulation and burning, and the rotor breakage. Therefore, it is necessary to use pneumatic and other power modes to stop the motor when the motor is overheating. We should check the power supply system of the motor for the overheat of the motor caused by the voltage, and then solve the problem of overheating of the pump motor by restoring stable power supply. In addition, the transmission can cause overheating, caused by motor drive between the feed water pump and the confusing motor load is too big, it will appear the phenomenon of small horse-drawn cart, motor overload because of temperature increases. The condition must be repaired in time to prevent the failure of the unit. The traditional system of the motor and the pump is thoroughly checked, and the common traditional failure is mainly caused by the lack of oil and bearing damage. Find out where the trouble is, then replace or lubricate it. Because the fault of the same subsystem which causes overheating of the motor is one of the most common faults, the main reason is that the ventilation system cannot complete the work due to the fan damage, the blockage of the ventilation hole and the wear of the bearing. It can cause the motor overheat, if it is serious, it will burn coil. In this case, we have to check and find out the cause of the failure, the ventilation hole, the repair fan and the replacement of the bearing can solve the problem.

The reason for the shortage of boiler pump: the main pump leaves are damaged, the pipeline is blocked or leakage is caused. For the boiler pump driven by the belt, we should also consider whether it is due to the low speed caused by the belt sliding. Check the pipeline after the belt inspection. If the leakage flow is still insufficient, the impeller damage should be considered. Check the impeller and lubricate the bearing and other parts to avoid insufficient flow due to insufficient lubrication or damage caused by the bearing.

The failure of the boiler to shake the system of the pump system: the failure of the boiler to the bearing system of the pump can cause insufficient flow, the pump body is hot, and the operation is not smooth. The reason for this failure is that because of the impurity caused by lubricating oil, the vibration of the unit should also increase the failure of the bearing system. The vibration of the boiler feed pump system has an important influence on the safety of the whole unit, which seriously endangers the safe and stable operation of the unit. And the excessive vibration has important influence on the unit and the base of the unit. The main reason for the excessive vibration of the unit is the deformation of the shaft of the pump shaft or motor rotor shaft, the bearing damage and the looseness of the base retaining bolt. When the vibration of the unit is too large, check whether the fixed base bolt is firm, and then check whether the bearing site is overheating or not. If this happens, it can be determined that the cause of excessive vibration is the bearing damage. It can be considered that the vibration of rotor shaft of pump shaft or motor rotor is too large after excluding other causes of vibration. The deformation of the rotor shaft of the pump shaft or motor rotor is more temporary deformation, which is caused by local overheating due to the damage of the bearing part of the unit. The temperature equilibrium deformation can disappear after the shutdown. The daily maintenance of modern boiler pump must be aimed at fault prevention, and establish scientific maintenance system to guide the daily maintenance of boiler pump. Establish a record of failure and replacement of pump parts, and master the damage time of each part. In order to avoid damage to the unit due to the timely replacement of the parts before the service life. In addition, it should also strengthen the maintenance of the lubrication system of the pump, check the lubricating oil quantity regularly, and lubricate the parts in time, so as to avoid the occurrence of "dry mill" and so on. Before adding lubricating oil, pay attention to check the oil quality and the cleanliness of the mouth, avoid adding impurities during the process and damage the bearings. In the maintenance, it should also pay attention to the inspection and maintenance of the piping in the pump system, and plugging the leak in time. The anti-rust coating on the outside of the pipeline should be checked regularly to ensure the corrosion resistance of the pipeline. Maintenance also needs to be paid attention to the inspection and maintenance of water treatment system for boiler pump. 
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