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The Performance and Characteristics of the Horizontal Split Double Suction Pump

High efficiency and energy saving
Efficiency is up to 91%

1. The horizontal split double suction pump
●The wide working efficiency area enables the pump to ensure high efficiency, reduce energy consumption and save objective operating expenses;
●Unique double volute design, equipped with two symmetrical cutwater to keep the pump operated quitely and placidly;
●Special mechanical seal of long service life;
●The enclosed high dynamic balance stainless steel (or bronze) impeller;
●Lined with bronze volute wearing ring;
●Self-lubricating sealed bearing, providing reliable operating life;
●Easy-dismiunt design, shortening the maintenance period, reducing the maintenance space and maintenance cost;
●Multiple fulcrum and short axis design, improving the working stability of water pump, reducing vibration, extending the life of bearing and shaft seal;

2. Low initial cost
Croos double suction pump optimized the selection of the pump design according to the complex parameters requirements, to ensure that the pump will satisfies the high efficiency requirement, reducing the operating power of the pump and the auxilary motor, thus reducing the initial investment.

3. Low running costs
The work efficiency of Croos double suction pump is about 5% higher than that of other normal import brands. The Croos double suction pump adopts advanced computer aided hydraulic design and double vortex shell design to increase the efficient area of the pump. Even if the water pump is working outside the design conditions, it can still maintain high efficiency and save a lot of running expenses.

4. High reliability and less maintenance
●The mechanical design of the Croos double suction pump reduces the deflection of the shaft, and the pump impeller has been dynamically hydraulic balanced with the G6.3 standard of ISO1940 / I to reduce the radial load and vibration.
●Unique double volute design is equipped with two symmetrical watercut displaying a distribution of 180 ° angle in order to balance the runtime of radial thrust, maintaining stability, prolonging  the service life of bearing and shaft seal to last more than 10 years.
●The unique inlet design of the Croos double suction design will makes its cavitation residue extremely low, which greatly reduces the possibility of cavitation and extends the life of the impeller.
●The easy disassembly design method adopted by Croos double suction pump makes the maintenance time of the pump to the lowest and the maintenance cost is thus been saved.

5. Extremely quiet operation
The advanced hydraulic and mechanical design of the Croos double suction pump will reduces the running noise of the water pump while greatly improving the operation efficiency and reliability at the same time. Its excellent low vibration and low noise characteristics stems from:
●The unique outlet design of the impeller channel will avoids the turbulent flow of the fluid.
●The patented double vortex shell design will balance the radial fluid thrust;

6. Double vortex shell structure design
Croos double suction pump adopts the unique innovation of the double spiral case structure design, this kind of pump impeller outlet adopt double vortex shell and double flow path structure, make the pump impeller outlet double flow path completely into a 180° geometric symmetry structure, which ensures that the flow condition in the two flow path inside the volute is geometric symmetry, which makes the inner force of the volute distributed symmetrically, thus balanced the axial and radial force on the impeller balance and greatly reduce the occurrence of turbulent flow, eddy current and backflow phenomenon in the pump at the same time, and improve the flow performance in the end.

7. Unparalleled operational efficiency
Croos double suction pump adopts the unique double spiral case structure design, effectively improved the flow condition of the pump, in addition to the advanced computer aided design optimization technology, effectively improved the utilization rate of the water pump energy, makes Croos double suction pump the most unique high efficiency water pump in the ir conditioning pump field, and with its wide range of high efficient area, even when it is deviating from the design conditions, the operating cost can also be greatly saved for the user.

8. Long operation life
Due to the unique design of the double volute structure adopted by the Croos double suction pump, the radial force acting on the shaft and impeller can reach the balance in any180 °geometric symmetry direction, it has effectively improved the stress state of the mechanical seal and bearing, prolonged the life of the mechanical seal and bearing, makes the Croos double suction pump mechanical seal and bearing’s life well above other manufacturers in the air conditioning pump field.
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