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The Starting-up Tips of Centrifugal Pump

1. Periodic inspection of centrifugal pump

The periodic inspection of centrifugal pump can be divided into the following three types: 1) Daily inspection, i.e. the inspection in use, as described above; 2) Monthly inspection, cleaning and repair of the equipment appearance without disassembling the parts, including the inspection of bearing temperature, shaft seal leakage and motor insulation condition; 3) Preventive maintenance. Including replacement of shaft seal lubricants, check pump and motor pairs, check the wear of the shaft sleeve, and check the damage to the rubber ring of the coupling, clean mechanical seal, coolant filter and pump filter, check the wear condition of sliding parts, check the corrosion of the contact fluid.

2. The prepare before starting

In order to ensure the safe operation of the pump, necessary inspection should be done before starting the machine: first, use the hand turn the coupling or pulley slowly to observe whether the pump turns to be correct, whether the rotation is flexible, smooth, and whether the single stage single suction pump has sundry, whether the bearing operation is normal, the belt is elastic and suitable; Check whether all screws are solid; Check whether there is any obstructing debris around the unit; Check whether the suction pipe is sufficient to cover the depth; Close the outlet valve to reduce the starting load and to open the valve in time after starting.

3. The inspection during operation

After starting up, check whether all kinds of instruments are normal and stable. The current should not exceed the rating. The gauge needle should be in the design scope; Check whether the water pump is normal and check whether the parts are leaking. Check the packing compaction degree, usually with a small amount of leakage (not more than 10 ~ 20 drops per minute), the leakage of mechanical seal should not be greater than 10 ml/hour (about 3 drops per minute). The rolling bearing temperature should not be higher than 75 ℃; The sliding bearing temperature should not be higher than 70 ℃. And we should notice that there is the abnormal sound and vibration, and the decrease of water output; We should adjust the depth of inlet pipe in time; Regular cleaning of flotsam on the grille; By belt transmission, you should also pay attention to whether the belt is skidding.

4. Attention for shutdown

Shut off the outlet valve before stopping to prevent water flow and damage the machine. After each stop, we should clean pump body and pipeline oil stains, keep the unit's appearance clean, and detect the hidden trouble in time; After the winter shutdown, the water should be released immediately to prevent frostbite pump body and internal parts; After the season is over, necessary maintenance is required.

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