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Commercial Buildings

Commercial Buildings

The collection and disposal of urban sewage water are essential, which are of great significance to the rational utilization of water resources and urban environmental protection.

Civil areas include hospitals, hotels, shopping centers, airports, sports venues, offices, and schools. These occasions involve complex piping systems and operating conditions, and the high human traffic requires a professional drainage design scheme.

Nowadays, the ever-changing climate conditions can lead to droughts and rainstorms and floods, thus large drainage projects are increasingly complicated.

Rainwater and underground water need to be discharged timely and efficiently to prevent public properties from being lost. So demands reliable and efficient water treatment solutions rising. Drainage facilities require transporting not only materials with solid particles and fibers medium but also medium containing chemicals and abrasive materials.

Combining professional process design, Croos Pump (Shanghai) Co., Ltd has developed a series of high-quality sewage treatment products for the civil field:
  • Commercial Submersible pump
  • Sewage lifting device
  • Aeration system
  • Mixing system
to meet the strict requirements of professional designers, installers, government laws, and regulations.

What are the advantages of GSHP in large building sites?

In large shopping malls, GSHP can is the most cost-effective supply, the main reason is that the GSHP operates with heat and cold source in the underground. Compared with coal-fired boiler, it fundamentally saves money on fuel costs and labor cost. In addition to meeting the needs of coal-fired boiler heating, it also realizes the summer cooling function, which is particularly important in commercial buildings. GSHP meets the demands of architectural features.

Under the same conditions, building with GSHP system can reduce maintenance costs. Referring to the boiler heating system (electricity, fuel), it can only turn about 90% of the electricity or 70% - 90% internal energy into heat for users, so GSHP saves electricity above 2/3 and saves at least half of the energy than electric heating boiler; Because of the relatively stable heat source temperature throughout the year, it generally keeps 10 to 25 ℃, and the cooling and heating coefficient can reach 3.5 to 4.4, with the 50-60% operating cost compared with the central air conditioning. GSHP has quite a few mechanical moving parts with all of the parts buried in the ground or installed in the indoor, which avoids the bad climate. GSHP is a maintenance free air conditioning that service life of its parts underground is at least 50 years and aboveground at least 30 years.

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