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Municipal facilities refer to the urban district, town (township) within the scope of planning and construction, based on the government responsibility and the duty to provide residents with paid or unpaid public products and services of all kinds of buildings, structures, equipment, etc. Municipal engineering is generally the basic construction of the state. It refers to the various public transport facilities, water supply, drainage, gas, urban flood control, environmental sanitation and lighting in urban construction. The infrastructure construction is an indispensable material basis for urban survival and development. It is a basic condition for improving people's living standards and opening to the outside world. Water supply and drainage works are projects for water supply, waste water discharge and improvement of water quality. It is divided into water supply engineering and drainage engineering. Modern water supply and drainage works have become the basic facilities for controlling the epidemic of water-borne infectious diseases and environmental water pollution. It is one of the basic facilities for developing cities and industries, and the main components of municipal engineering.
Municipal water supply and drainage is an integrated call for municipal water supply and municipal drainage. Municipal drainage is also divided into rainwater drainage and sewage drainage.

Performance requirements of pumps for municipal water:

1. Continuous operation, high reliability
2. The water flow and the lift of the pressurized water will be relatively stable
3. The water flow rate and the lift of the water and the lift are relatively stable
4. High efficiency and good cavitation of the municipal sewage pumps are required
5. The material with high sand content in the original water has high abrasion resistance
6. High chlorinated water contact with water is required for high chlorine resistance

Reasons for using flood prevention municipal water pumps:

Drainage pump is mainly used to discharge sewage, municipal rainwater pipeline and equipment, a neighborhood or factory drainage, urban road drainage system due to the large pipe appearing jams or precipitation of the cities, the phenomenon of the inner causes. So it's also called flood water pump or municipal drainage pump. The main reasons for the use of flood prevention pumps are as follows:
1). Excessive rainfall: It refers to the amount of rain that falls to the ground during a certain period of time exceeds the maximum setting value of municipal drainage network. The unit is mm.
2). The length of rainfall. The phenomenon of urban waterlogging also occurs due to prolonged continuous rainfall.
3). The intensity of rainfall is too great. An average amount of rainfall during a certain period of rainfall.
4). The area covered by rainfall is too wide, such as rain fall in many areas upstream, and the flood situation can be easily found downstream.
In conclusion, the main reason for the water accumulation on the ground surface when the rain falls into the ground is that rainwater seeps into the ground, the plant absorbs, the depressions and so on, finally into the rainwater pipe network. The rainwater pipe network cannot discharge rainwater to cause the phenomenon of water accumulation, so it is necessary to use the municipal water pumps to discharge the lower water into the channel or other rainwater pipe network.

The type of flood water pump:

1. Submersible municipal flood water pump
The flood control pump is usually used to move the more convenient pump products such as the municipal sewage pump of the Boyu company, the motor power of a product with a flow of 300 cubic meters per hour and a product of 6 meters is 15KW. The weight of its whole machine is 28.6 kg, and a person can move. Currently, most municipal flood control departments adopt this series of municipal drainage pump products, and the municipal drainage pump can be configured to be used on mobile power supply vehicles. A car can be equipped with multiple municipal flood control pumps simultaneously. If a car is equipped with multiple municipal flood control pumps, the total volume of water displacement can reach tens of thousands of cubic meters.

2. Self-priming municipal flood control pump
This series of municipal flood control pump is a diesel engine self-priming pump, which is mounted on a car or driven by a diesel engine, which is mounted on a 4-wheeled cart, so it's also called flood control mobile pump, with car traction, and it can also be moved artificially. The advantage of using this series of municipal flood control and drainage pumps is that it can pump out the water in the sewers. Moreover, the flow of one pump can reach the flow of multiple submersible pumps, and the diesel engine can be used to satisfy the outdoor working conditions without power supply.

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