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Chemical Process Pump

The APA series chemical process pumps are single stage, single suction, overhung centrifugal pumps. It is used to deliver corrosive liquid not containing solid particles and similar to water in viscosity. The suction flange is axially cast, while the discharge flange is radially cast. It's designed according to ISO2858 standard. They are featured by a wide range of performance, high efficiency, and superior standardization, easy maintenance etc. It's back pull-out design allows disassembling the casing cover and rotary components without removing the pipe.

APA centrifugal chemical pumps are used to handle medium between -20℃~105℃, and even higher temperature medium of provided with cooling measures in case of need. They are suitable for the industries of chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, electric power, paper making, foodstuff, pharmaceuticals, synthetic fiber, etc. The components in contact with the medium flow are made of stainless steel, maximum service pressure up to 1.6 MPa.

  • APA Type Chemical Process Water Pump

    Description:APA series chemical processpumps are designed according to ISO5199 and ISO2858 standard, mainly be applied for chemical process water or liquid with less solids, hot water, ethyl ...

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