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Submersible Pump

3 kinds of submersible pumps are included in this type. They are normal sewage pump, automatic mix sewage pump and sewage pump with the cutter. They are designed to pumping all sorts of waste water and sewage in municipal engineering, industry, hospital, hotel and commercial building. It's capable of transferring impurity with long fiber and solids.

Our submersible pump is with below features:

1.Unique hydraulic design provides excellent hydraulic abilities, allowing the pump to run with high efficiency and safety in higher capacities application.
2.Special single or double channel impeller with no-clogging design increase the capacity of passing sewage liquids with solid and long fiber.
3.The pump has unique seal designed by combining double mechanical seal with a hydrodynamic seal, providing the reliability for a long operation life of 8000 hours.

4.The underwater pump has a water circulation cooling system, allowing the pump to run safely above water level or for dry installation.
5.The underwater water pump is equipped with fully automatic alarm protection system and liquid level control system. The systems can check out the leakage of water, oil, and electricity, over heating, over loading, the lake of phase electricity, low voltage and higher temperature of bearing, etc, so safety and reliability of the pump have been guaranteed.
6.The auto-coupled installation system provides an easy way of being installed and maintained, usually, no pumping station is needed and saving the construction investment. Two styles of auto-coupled installation system and movable installation system can fulfill different application.
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