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The vertical pump is also a member of the centrifugal pump family. It is characterized by a great working lift, and the principle of its work is to use the rotation of impellers to cause the water to produce centrifugal movement. Before we start the pump, we must fill the pump shell and the suction pipe with water, and then start the motor to make the pump shaft drive the impeller and water to do high-speed rotary motion, and then the water takes a centrifugal motion, and it is thrown to the outer edge of the impeller, and the flow of the volute pump case flows into the water pump. The operation principle of vertical pump is: the pump shaft drives the impeller to make a high-speed rotation.

The vertical pump can be divided into vertical multi-stage centrifugal pump and vertical single-stage centrifugal pump. With regard to small flow, high lift, we use vertical multi-stage centrifugal pump, a vertical single-stage centrifugal pump is generally used for the comparison of flow lift. Vertical long axis pump can not be installed in the underground tank, but the efficiency is high. Vertical pump can be used for conveying abrasion, coarse grain, high concentration slag slurry, no axial seal and shaft seal water, it can work under the condition of insufficient suction. The pump of the vertical pump is buried under water.

The advantages of vertical pump:

The vertical centrifugal pump has a compact structure, small footprint, high speed, small volume, low suction pressure, low flow and high pressure head. Vertical pump is mainly used for conveying gas media, such as liquefied gas, dry gas, and other light components.

The pump body of a horizontal pump works on the water surface. The horizontal pump requires the installation of a stand, which is usually in the single-stage suction/double suction line. Its diameter of inlet pipe is greater than the diameter of the outlet pipe, which has less impact on the pipe. It is generally recommended that the pump and motor bearing should be equipped with proper configuration. It can effectively balance the radial and axial load generated by the operation of the pump. This ensures that the pump runs smoothly, with low vibration and low noise.
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