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The Horizontal Pump and the Vertical Pump, how to Distinguish?

What are the other differences between vertical pumps and horizontal pumps besides appearance? How do you choose to use it?

Occupying space: vertical pump covers a small area and the horizontal pump occupies large area. The vertical pump unit occupies less than the horizontal pump, it is not necessarily to lay the foundation; The horizontal pump sets with a base to lay the foundation.

Connecting form: vertical pump is mounted from bottom to top. Horizontal pump is arranged vertically on the base. The vertical pump is called pipe pump, the vertical pipe is called centrifugal pump, and the motor and pump body are connected through the rim. The horizontal pump is connected with the motor and needs to be corrected regularly.

Installation form: vertical pump as a whole connection, the installation is easy; After the horizontal pump is installed, the precision adjustment needs to be carried out.

The difficulty of maintenance: the maintenance of the vertical pump is difficult, such as the maintenance of the impeller, it needs to remove the upper part of the rear; While the maintenance of horizontal pump is relatively easy, such as the IS type pump, as long as the inlet pipe is removed, the impeller can be serviced.

1. Vertical centrifugal pump has its advantages:

1) The vertical centrifugal pump can be used in the working condition of the underground tank. Or the site has no open space for the horizontal centrifugal pump to do the base, it can only use a vertical centrifugal pump on the tank. If the normal horizontal pump (not a self-priming pump) has a poor self-absorption capacity, it is impossible to extract the media from the tank below. So horizontal pumps and vertical pumps are not comparable.

2. In the case of the following situations, vertical is required:

1) Pumping deeper groundwater. Liquid, such as oil or brine, requires vertical deep well pump. Another reason for the vertical type of large single pump is that it can be used to lubricate bearings with simple structure. This time the water lubrication bearing is small and the bearing life is increased.

2) It can use the potential energy to increase the residual amount of cavitation in the inlet of the impeller, and the pump is placed in the lowest position in the use of the first stage impeller, such as vertical condensate pumps. 

3. The pump should be installed at low water level where the water level changes a lot. In this case, vertical will be used to reduce the site area and reduce the earthwork. And reduce investment in infrastructure. The large single-suction centrifugal pumps and axial pumps are mostly vertical. 

4. The area of the pump is limited, such as the Marine pump. 

5. Some high pressure small flow pumps, because of the series, the pump shaft is long, it is easy to run unstable situation, one of the measures to change this situation is to use a vertical pump and make the pump bearing a certain pull.
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