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The Structural Elements of Horizontal Sewage Pump

The operation principle of horizontal pump

The operation efficiency of horizontal sewage pump is very good.The use of horizontal sewage pumps is also very extensive in the process of handling industrial sewage in pump, because the sewage contains acidic or alkaline substances.

According to some successful application cases of Jiekai pump industry, imported plastic (FRPP) and metal impeller are used in horizontal sewage pumps. It can achieve the high pressure efficiency of metal pump, and can fully exert the corrosion resistance and acid alkali resistance of imported plastic (FRPP) materials. In the treatment of municipal sewage, chemical wastewater, a filter is added to the sewage treatment pool. To prevent the pump from entering the pump chamber, the pump can work better and live longer.

The characteristics of the horizontal sewage pump

1. Good pollutant discharge: the impeller adopts single and double flow path, blocking and winding
2. Convenient installation: automatic coupling installation and mobile installation
3. Convenient control: automatic control, protection and signal output, easy to monitor
4. High reliability: leakage detection, overheat, overload protection and other functions
5. Save money: if you use this system, you can save up to 40 ~ 60% of your civil investment and save 30 ~ 40% of the cost of operation and management.

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