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The Problems of the Sewage Pump should be Eliminated in Time

In the daily production process, Shanghai Croospump will make necessary preparations before starting the equipment.

First of all, check whether the bearings and seals of each equipment are loose at the link, and check whether the lubricating oil status of each mechanical component and the water, wind and the pipe valve port are in the required position. Then switch on the power to check whether the voltage and the meter are normal, and finally check the quantity and concentration of the slurry in the slurry mixing and the concentration. If the problem occurs, it should be swept away in time.

It can be installed in a small and simple pump station, which can be concealed from the ground without causing any obstruction. It is able to move quickly and easily down the guide bar to the liquid, with flexibility and convenience, the water level can be controlled according to the user's request, and the equipment and electric control cabinet can be maintained.

How to use the sewage pump correctly: the most critical issue for pumps is reliability, because the application of sewage pump is under liquid; The medium is a mixture of solid materials. The pump is close to the motor; The pump is vertical placement, and the rolling component component is the same as the water pressure received by the impeller.

These issues make the request for sealing, motor bearing capacity, bearing placement and selection is higher than the usual sewage pumps. As for the problems of submersible sewage pump, some domestic manufacturers focus on the development of the maintenance system of the pump: active alarm or block power supply when the pump operation is abnormal.

Although this method can play a certain role, and it is necessary to maintain this kind of maintenance, it is not the solution to the problem. We should focus on improving the performance of the pump and solve the problem from the bottom. When actively stirring the discharge pump, actively mixing the sediments at the bottom of the pool, and completely avoiding the deposition of the dirt, this does not need to be manually arranged; Common impeller planning, which has the function of chopping and tearing the fibers and debris; The external circulation cooling system is selected to make the pump work at low water level, and reduce the starting frequency of the motor, and extend the life of the motor.

It can maintain the control cabinet according to the user's needs, and make affirmative maintain of the water leakage, electricity leakage, overload and overtemperature, etc., and improve the safety and reliability of the products.

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