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The Power Consumption of Centrifugal Pump Becomes Bigger? Don't Panic!

Overloaded power of centrifugal pump seriously affects the service life of the pump. For this problem, I believe that the technicians of the pump industry are constantly studying and summarizing. It is hoped that this content can be helpful for the water pump enterprises.

What is a centrifugal pump

Centrifugal pump work by rotating the impeller and causing the water to produce centrifugal motion. Before the pump start-up, we must make the pump shell and suction pipe filled with water, and then start the motor, so that the pump shaft driven impeller and water to do high-speed rotational movement, water occurs centrifugal movement, it was thrown to the edge of the impeller, through the volute pump shell flow channel into the water pump pressure pipe.

The basic structure of centrifugal pump consists of six parts: impeller, pump body, pump shaft, bearing, sealing ring, stuffing box.

The analysis of reasons

1. The matching of the machine pump is not reasonable, the pump or replacement pump is improved after the reconstruction, the pressure and displacement of the pump are higher than the original pump, and the power of the motor is too small.

2. The pump outlet valve is too large, the pump pressure is too low, the pump capacity exceeds the nameplate regulation value too much, deviation from the work point too much;

3. The packing pressure is too tight;

4. The power voltage is too low and the current exceeds the rating;

5. Serious vibration of motor or pump;

6. The friction of rotor and stator parts in pump is serious;

7. The rotor of the motor is running, the position is not positive, the shaft of the shaft and the shaft end or the coupling are ground with the oil seal;

8. The coupling cushioning and damping rubber ring is too tight. The front of the pump is driven by the motor coupling and the bearing cover;

9. The pump balance disc is not opened, and the pump is seriously grinding, and the water pipe is hot;

10. The radial clearance of the unloading sleeve or the balance disc is too small, the deviation is too large, and the operation is worn;

11. When the pump is started, there is a serious malfunction inside the pump, such as the mouth ring, the lining sleeve or the small clearance;

12. The pump shaft is rigid and poor, bending deformation.

Three ways of handling it

There are three countermeasures to the work loss of centrifugal pump:

1) Timely take corresponding measures to deal with the situation

① Make contact with the power supply unit to adjust the supply voltage to the specified range;
② Adjust the opening of outlet valve to make it run at normal operating point;
③ Control the pump pressure and displacement, reduce the running current of the motor;

④ Adjust the packing gland to loosen the tightness.

2) If the above measures cannot be eliminated, the pump should be stopped for inspection

① Empty the air in the pump again;
② Check and adjust the oil pressure, repair or replace the bush;
Replacing coupling and shock-absorbing rubber ring;
Repair or replace the balance disc;
⑤ Carry out the three guarantees operation, repair and replace the damaged parts;
⑥ The professional team with the treatment of motor fault.

3) To produce management departments and design units to the higher level, and propose suggestions for improving the mismatch of pump units

Change the motor;
Impeller reduction or cutting impeller.

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