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The Comparison between the Self-suction Pump and the Sump Pump

The characteristics of sump pumps are that they can be transported under the medium that needs to be transported, and then low delivery. Its structure is characterized by long shaft cantilever structure. The depth of the fluid should be controlled within two meters, or the efficiency will be greatly reduced. But the biggest problem with the pump is that the whole axis is flexible shaft. In the process of conveying the medium, the bearing is subjected to continuous wear and tear. And excessive wear will cause the bearing to wobble and then it will aggravate a vicious cycle of bearing wear. So the failure rate of the pump is always high. And most of the parts that wear high are below the delivery medium, so disassembly is extremely inconvenient.

The development of self-suction pump is an innovation of the original transmission system. The first is that the pump cancels the long axis of the pump, along with the troublesome bearings. Secondly, the main components of the self-suction pump are above the ground, and there is no mechanical structure in the conveying medium. Therefore, daily maintenance are very fast and convenient. Then, there is a great improvement on the lift, and the self-suction pump can reach up to about 7 meters (higher than the special structure), and the pump has a qualitative leap over the sump pump.

The principle of self-suction pump is to complete the suction process by using the unique patent impeller and the separation of air and liquid. Its shape, volume, weight, efficiency are similar with the pipeline pump. The self-suction pump does not need auxiliary equipment such as bottom valve, vacuum valve and gas separator. Normal production start without irrigation, it has a strong self-absorption ability, and it can replace the current widely used liquid lower pump (low - level liquid delivery pump), it can be used as auxiliary equipment such as separator, tank truck pump, self-suction pipe pump, motor pump and so on.

Another advantage of the self-suction pump, or the characteristic is that in the case of the first filling of the priming fluid in the pump chamber, it can directly direct the medium into the pump (no more than 7 minutes in the idle time). It avoids the accident of idling and burning the motor because of incorrect operation, and it greatly reduces the use risk and improves the efficiency of the pump.

The advantages and disadvantages of sump pumps

The advantages

1. The pump is directly installed in the storage of the medium, which does not cover an additional floor area.
2. The traditional pump adopts a unique centrifugal double balance impeller, which can be used to transport the clean media such as solid particles, with low vibration noise and high efficiency. The open double balance impeller is used for conveying the non-cleaning liquid with solid particles and short fiber, which is smooth and not blocked.

The disadvantages

1. The intermediate slot should be added and the middle slot level should be controlled.
2. The maintenance is complicated and must be replaced regularly.
3. High maintenance rate and high cost;
4. Need to be sealed;
5. The traditional pump is not suitable for the delivery of inflammable and explosive materials.
6. The new liquid pump is not suitable for conveying materials with extremely corrosive materials.

The advantages and disadvantages of the sump pumps are bright, even the disadvantages are large. At the same time, many industries prohibit the use of the pump, instead of using the self-suction pump, it may not be completely the self-structure of the difficult maintenance.

The reason for the large noise in the sump pump

1. Mechanical aspect

The rotating components of FRP sump pump quality imbalance, churning out, bad quality of installation, the axis of the asymmetric unit, set more than permitted, poor mechanical strength and stiffness of the parts, damage of bearing and sealing parts, etc., these will produce strong vibration.

2. Quality of the pump and other aspects

Due to the unreasonable design of water inlet flow, the water inlet condition deteriorates, resulting in vortex. This results in the vibration of the pump under the long axis. The uneven subsidence of the base of the pump and the motor can cause the vibration.

3. The reasons for the damage of the bearing of the sump pump

Because of the long running time of the pump, the bearing's lubricants can be damaged, and listen carefully and tell the direction of the sound, and the new bearing can be replaced carefully.

4 Caused by hydraulic aspects

The most common reason for the vibration of the pump unit is the rapid change of pressure in the cavitation of the pump and the pressure in the pipeline.

5. Electrical aspects

The motor is the main equipment of the unit, the imbalance of the internal magnetic force and the imbalance of other electrical systems often cause vibration and noise.

6. The reason of the impeller swaying of the sump pump

Because of corrosion or overturn, the impeller nut of the corrosion resisting sump pump is sloshing, and the impeller shakes which can lead to vibration and noise.

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