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What are the hazards of centrifugal pumps idling? How to Deal with It?

In the operation of the centrifugal pump, the pump idling is not allowed, the majority of users for the centrifugal pump idling are scared. The reason for this is that the reason for the idling is not understood, and they don't know how to solve it well. In fact, the centrifugal pump in a very short period of idling will not cause any damage (less than 1 minutes).

The reason for the idling of the centrifugal pump is that the import medium of the pump is not sufficient or the water inlet pressure is not enough, or the water pump inlet pipe is blocked, or the air in the pump cavity is not exhausted.

When the centrifugal pump is idle, the impeller has no contact or litter contact with the medium, they cannot work effectively, and the liquid cannot be delivered properly. These are all useless work. Because of the lack of effective work, the load of the motor is very small, and the generation of electric current is very small. The impact on the motor will not be any, but the pump idling for the pump, the impact is indeed fatal. The idle water pump is easy to cavorse, and cause damage to pump body and overflow. Idle water pump mechanical seal form or packing seal form idling will not get liquid lubrication, and they will lead to dry grinding, and thus will be quickly damaged; The idle pump rotor parts and pumps will be heat, there is no liquid cooling, and the small clearance position (e.g. seal ring) is easy to bite to death. The empty multistage centrifugal pump balancing disc has no lubrication, and the balance plate will soon be burned and damaged.

In the early warning and maintenance of centrifugal pump, the design of centrifugal pump is recommended to improve a class:

1. The clearance position of the centrifugal pump is processed and expanded to prevent the death of the centrifugal pump;

2. The shaft of the centrifugal pump is specially processed, tempered and heat treated, to improve hardness. The use of flexible materials to prevent the large swing of the air from the dead;

3. Use of a sealing and packing chamber that does not need to be lubricated by liquid medium;

4. Choose a sealed self - lubricated bearing.

The pump cavity of the horizontal self-priming centrifugal pump is larger than the other centrifugal pump, and there is a position that can save water. Before the suction centrifugal pump normally works, the cavity is filled with liquid. There is a period of self-absorption before operation, and this period of time keeps the air in the pump, which is part of the idle time.

Set up the idling system. The pump is monitored in real time through modern equipment, and when the centrifugal pump is empty, it immediately alarms the pump and automatically stops to protect the safety of the unit.

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