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Booster Pumps

Booster Pumps

The classifications of the booster pump

Biogas type centrifugal booster pump

The pneumatic booster pumps are divided into gas-liquid booster pump and gas booster pump. The booster pump is based on the low pressure of large area of piston to produce the high hydraulic pressure of small piston. In the industrial area, it is used for machine tool chuck, the accumulator charge, the high pressure cylinder inflation, and the transformation from low pressure gas into high pressure gas, etc. Booster pumps are widely used in mechanical or test devices.

It is driven by gas, no arc and sparks, completely used in flammable, explosive liquid or gas places. Regardless of the cause of the pressure drop of the pressure protection circuit, the booster pump will start automatically, replenish the leakage pressure and keep the loop pressure constant. There are various pump driving gas sources, such as compressed air, nitrogen, water vapor, natural gas and so on.

Gas-liquid type booster pump

When the pressure balance is reached, the automatic reciprocating motion of the vertical multistage pump is stopped by the single-gas control non-equilibrium gas distribution valve, and the gas driven parts of the pump body is made of aluminum alloy. Carbon steel or stainless steel is selected according to the medium differences. The whole set of sealing elements is imported high-quality products, which guarantee the performance of the gas-liquid water pressure booster pump.

Air type booster pump

The air pressure pump is based on the low pressure of large area of piston to produce the high hydraulic pressure of small piston.

Air booster pump is used in the original air compressor system to increase the pressure of work environment. It can increase the working system of air pressure to 2-5 times, just need to work in compressed air as air system. The pump is suitable for pressurization of single air source. No power supply (can be used for explosion-proof areas). In the pressure range of the pump, adjust the regulating valve to adjust the intake pressure, and the output hydraulic pressure is adjusted accordingly.

The chlorine type booster pump

The pressure range of the chlorine type centrifugal booster pump is large. Different types of centrifugal pumps can be used to obtain different pressure areas, adjust the input pressure and the output pressure is adjusted accordingly. It can reach extremely high pressure, about 90 Mpa. It has a wide range of flow and can work smoothly with only 0.1 Kg of air pressure on all model pumps. At this time, the minimum flow rate can be obtained and different flow can be obtained after adjusting the intake volume. It is easy to control, from simple manual control to completely automatic control. Automatic restart, no matter what causes the pressure drop of the pressure protection circuit, will automatically restart, add leakage pressure, keep the loop pressure constant. Operation safety, gas drive adoption, no arc and spark, can be used in dangerous situations.

How the water booster pump system works

First fill the pump with liquid, then start the centrifugal pump. At that moment, the impeller will turn quickly, the blades of the impeller drive the liquid to rotate, and the liquid turns with inertia to the outer edge of the impeller, while the impeller sucks in the liquid from the suction chamber, in this process, the liquid in the impeller turns on the blade, and the liquid acts as a lift on the blade in the movement of the flow. The blades, in turn, use a force that is equal and opposite to this lift and is applied to the liquid. This force is doing work on the liquid, so that the fluid gets the energy flowing out of the impeller, and then the kinetic energy and pressure of the liquid will increase.

The working principle of the gas-liquid booster pump is similar to pressure supercharger, which applys low pressure to big diameter air driven piston, when the pressure is applied to a small area of the piston, it creates a high pressure. The booster pump can operate continuously through a two-position five-vent control reversing valve. The high-pressure plunger controlled by the one-way valve is continuously discharged, and the outlet pressure of the booster pump is related to the air driven pressure. When the pressure between the driving part and the output liquid part is balanced, the booster pump stops running and no longer consumes the air. When the output pressure drops or the air drive pressure increases, the booster pump automatically starts up and runs until the pressure balance is reached again. The automatic reciprocating motion of the pump is realized by using the single-gas-controlled non-equilibrium gas distribution valve, and the pump body gas drive is made of aluminum alloy. The grafting part is made of carbon steel or stainless steel according to the medium. Generally, the pump has inlet and exhaust outlet, and the air inlet can produce lower than normal pressure (i.e., atmospheric pressure). The "positive pressure" that can produce higher than atmospheric pressure in the exhaust outlet; For example, the vacuum pump is the negative pressure pump, the multistage booster pump is the positive pressure pump. The positive pressure pump is very different from the negative pressure pump. For example, the gas flow, the negative pressure centrifugal pump is that the external gas is inhaled to the suction nozzle; The positive pressure is that blows out the exhaust nozzle; for example, the pressure level...

The mechanical installation of the pressure booster pump

Be sure to install the water pump installation in accordance with the installation mode. The direction of its flow should be consistent with the direction of the arrow in the pump body, and as far as possible to be installed in the lowest position of the water level. For ease of use and maintenance, we should install a valve on the inlet line of the pump. The pump should be installed with check valve when the suction fluid is lower than that of the impeller on the pump, and the outlet is connected with one tee for water diversion. Fill the pump with water when used for the first time and tighten the screw. Pipe connections should be tight, especially if the inlet pipe can not leak gas or it will reduce the pump lift or drain water. Do not take long time to avoid damage to the sealing parts before the booster water pump chamber is in water.

The motor coil is equipped with a safety protector. When the pump fails or the water is unloaded, the motor can automatically break the road when the motor heats up beyond the specified value. After the temperature of the failure machine drops, the automatic recovery operation. The motor of the booster pump is a capacitive motor. The rotation direction of the pump is adjusted when the pump is out of the factory. If it is necessary to replace the capacitor or rewire, please click the direction of the arrow on the pump body.

To ensure the use of safety, please use a three-core safety socket with grounding wire. When it is found that the pump is leaking, immediately stop the inspection to prevent leakage, and replace the mechanical seal with the leakage of the motor connection. Check whether the power is connected. Whether the power supply voltage is consistent with the pump's working voltage. If the above a and b are normal; Please remove the pump, open the pump cover, remove the foreign body in the pump, then install the pump cover, and tighten it to normal.

When pump is not pumping water, the pump is installed on the water pipe line, for example, when water level lies in the pump impeller upper plane (horizontal) or center line (vertical installation), the power supply should be shut off at this moment, and power supply should be turned on when the water level rises over the center line of the impeller plane to avoid damaging attaint parts (automatically without electricity). Please check whether the inlet pipe is leaking when the pump is pumped. It should be filled with water when there is not enough water in the pump chamber and please check whether the suction range is too high, then make appropriate adjustments. Check if the inlet and exit pipe diameter is too small or blocked. Automatic failure can occur after a period of using time. It is mainly the pipe metal such as steel rust on the long-term precipitation. After turning off the power, we should discharge the switch, unscrew the screw, remove the plastic piece, and then, debug and reuse after accomplishing the original reset.

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