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The Anti-corrosion Measures of the Chemical Pumps

It is said that chemical pumps are becoming more and more widely used in industrial production, especially in chemical industry, chemical pumps are playing an increasingly important role. Usually, because of the special environment of the chemical pump, it is usually made of metal or fluorine plastic F46. The structure of the metal itself is extremely prone to corrosion. The external environment such as temperature, humidity and air can directly cause the metal to corrode, so the chemical pump is usually made of stainless steel and fluorine plastic F46.

The applicable media of chemical pump are basically corrosive, and for the classification of corrosion, there are generally two classification methods. One is to classify the mechanism according to the corrosion, and the other is to classify the causes and appearances according to the corrosion. According to the mechanism of corrosion, it can be divided into electrochemical corrosion and chemical corrosion. Electrochemical corrosion mainly refers to metal materials after contact with electrolyte solution, due to the reaction of the surface electrode, the reaction is generally REDOX reaction. The main factor is the humidity and temperature of the environment. Chemical corrosion is the chemical reaction of the metal surface with the surrounding medium, in this way, the metal is damaged, which is caused by high temperature and dry environment. According to the appearance and reason classification of corrosion, it can be divided into: peeling corrosion, industrial atmospheric corrosion, high temperature oxidation corrosion and marine atmospheric corrosion.

In environments where industrial pollution is more severe, there are more volatile compounds such as sulphides, carbon dioxide and hydroxide in the air. It also contains some industrial dust, which is a corrosive medium. In the humid environment, the acid gas will combine with water to form an inorganic acid which has a strong corrosive property, so it can cause corrosion. In the industrial atmosphere, the equipment is caused by electrochemical corrosion and the synthesis of direct chemical corrosion. The essence of all corrosion is actually an oxidation process of the metal elements forming ions after losing electrons. The main difference between electrochemical corrosion and industrial atmospheric corrosion is that they occur in different environments.

The corrosion of the equipment is closely related to the material of the equipment. In the selection process of chemical materials, it is necessary to focus on the reasonable selection of materials in the case of corrosion. We need to take into account the nature of the medium, the temperature of the environment, the pressure of the operation, etc. According to the requirements of chemical raw materials to design the structure and type of equipment, the design of the structure should focus on the production requirements and stress characteristics in the operation of the chemical equipment. Zeus pumps also emphasized, in the design, we needed to focus on the following aspects: the first is that the structure of the product should be consistent with the requirements of the production of chemical products; The second is to pay attention to the running stability and smoothness of the chemical equipment, and prevent the pause of corrosion medium, and the uniform distribution of heat load is not enough and the condensation of steam and the accumulation of corrosion products. Finally, we should pay attention to the protection of external forces and prevent the fatigue corrosion caused by alternating stress.

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