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The Common Faults and Solutions of Chemical Pumps

We all know that chemical pump is specialized in the transportation of chemical industry and other industries. Because there is a lot of media in the chemical industry, there is a lot of problems with chemical pumps, and that is a normal phenomenon. What should we do when we have a chemical pump problem?  Don't worry, Shanghai Ligong pump will be announced immediately.

The common failures and solutions of chemical pumps

The shaft breaks - the pump shaft of the chemical pump is 99 percent alumina porcelain. The main reason for the fracture of the pump shaft is because the pump is empty and the bearing is dry and the shaft is broken. When we disassemble the pump for inspection, we can see that the bearing has been badly worn, and the main method of preventing pump fracture is to avoid the pump's empty operation.

Bearing damage - the material used for chemical pump bearing is high density carbon. If the pump is broken or the pump contains impurities, the bearing can be damaged. The coaxial degree of the magnetic rotor inside and outside the cylindrical coupling can directly affect the life span of the bearing.

The pump can't pump out the liquid - the chemical pump can't pump out the liquid is a very easy failure of the pump, and the reason is also more, first, check whether the suction line of the pump has a leak, check whether the air in the suction pipe is discharged, whether the amount of liquid pouring inside is enough, and whether there is a clutter in the pipe. We should also check whether the pump is reversed (especially after the motor is changed or after the power supply line overhaul), and you should also pay attention to whether the pump suction height is too high. If the above inspection cannot be resolved, the pump can be disassembled to see if the pump shaft is broken. It is also necessary to check whether the dynamic ring and static ring of the pump are in good condition, and the entire rotor can be moved with a small amount of axial direction. If the axial movement is difficult, it can be checked whether the carbon bearing is too tightly coupled with the pump shaft.

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