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The Role of Submersible Pump in Industrial Production

With the development of the Times and the increase of market demand, the water pump technology has been constantly innovated and the application scope has become more and more extensive, and has been paid more attention by the industrial industry. The submersible pump is different with the regular pumps, the submersible pump works under water and can be used in industrial production to discharge solids and all kinds of long fiber silt and waste water.

Shanghai Croospump sewage pump is a kind of energy-saving product which is developed on the basis of absorbing the advanced technology of similar products at home and abroad. It can be equipped with double guide automatic coupling installation system based on user needs. The QW series diving pump produced by Tongbao entertainment pump plant provides more convenience for the installation and maintenance of industrial production, so it is not necessary for people to enter the sinkhole.

General industrial pump can ignore leakage in pipeline system in process flow, but it must consider the influence of process change on flow. The main parameters of Tongbao recreational water pump include flow, lift, pump speed, supporting power, rated current, efficiency, outlet pipe diameter, etc. The pump model is also simple, usually with only three sets of Numbers. . For example: 25-8-22, which means the diameter is 25 mm, the flow rate is 8 cubic meters per hour, the lift is 22 meters, the power is 1.1 million, the speed is 2900 RPM, and the voltage is 380 volts. The average submersible pump has a voltage of 380 volts, with the exception of special pumps, and the model also has 32-10-15,40-15-30, 50-20-7, all the way to 300-800-20.

The submersible pump must be filled with liquid before opening the pump. After the pump is opened, the impeller spins, and the liquid is rotated with the blade. Under the action of centrifugal force, the fluid that flies outward from the impeller is gradually slowing down in the diffusion chamber of the pump shell. The pressure gradually increases and then flows out of the pump outlet and drain. At this point, in the center of the blade, because the liquid is thrown around and it forms a vacuum area with no air and no liquid, the liquid in the liquid pool is pumped into the pump through the suction tube under the action of the pressure of the suction tube. The liquid is continuously pumped from the liquid pool and continuously flowing out of the discharge pipe.
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