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Using Submersible Pumps, Keep Eight Tips in Mind

The 4~9 month of each year is the peak time for farmers to use submersible pumps. At the same time, this season is also the season of rural electric shock, farmers and friends should keep in mind the following eight points of concern, and the security is guaranteed.

1. Check carefully before using. Check whether the cables of the submersible pump are broken and aging; After testing, the submersible pump should pass the resistance value. If the instrument is not tested, the power supply can be connected to a low voltage test pencil and the pump body can not be charged. Check the bearing and check parts of the electric pump. The starting should be stable and the operation is not abnormal. After passing the above examination, it can be put into use.

2. A full-time electrician should be found for installation and repair. We need to install residual current action protection device and a switch (switch) and charging electric meter, the use of pass fuse and pass insulation wire.

3. When we operate the switch and plug the plug, we should stand on the edge, not bare feet, wet hand operating electrical appliances.

4. The guardianship should be familiar with the performance of the equipment, and be attention to the instruction manual and the common sense of peaceful electricity, and control the operation technology.

5. The installation address of the submersible pump should be equipped with reliable protection. The submersible pump can be installed in a bamboo basket or a bamboo basket, so as to avoid the failure of the impeller and impeller to damage the submersible pump.

6. When the submersible pump works or the fault occurs, it is forbidden to touch the pump body and avoid the leakage.

7. In accordance with the safe use of electrical formula, and operate step, we should always remember to install and then electrify. When the pump ends, we should first turn off the power, then the wire, and then the electric pump, and avoid the fluke of the residual current action shield.

8. The submersible pump uses special rope, and it is strictly forbidden to use the cable of the submersible pump to hoist the rope, so as to avoid short circuit or breaking down of the cable.

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