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The Maintenance of the Sewage Pump

(1) check whether the sewage pumping station and the junction are loose. Turn the sewage pump with your hand and see if the sewage pump is flexible.
(2) add bearing lubrication oil to the bearing body and observe the oil level should be in the center line of the oil mark. The lubricating oil should be replaced or added in time.
(3) unscrew the drain plug of the pump body and fill the water (or pulping). Self-priming pump
(4) close the gate valve and outlet pressure gauge and import vacuum gauge of the outlet pipe.
(5) start the motor, and see if the motor turns to be correct.
(6) start the motor. After the sewage pump is normally operated, open the outlet pressure gauge and the imported vacuum pump to show the proper pressure, gradually open the gate valve and check the motor load condition.
(7) try to control the flow of the sewage pump and the scope of the lift on the sign, so as to ensure the maximum efficiency of the sewage pump in operation of the highest efficiency point.
(8) in the process of operate the sewage pump, the bearing temperature cannot exceed ambient temperature 35 ℃, the highest temperature should not exceed 80 ℃.
(9) if the sewage pump is found to have abnormal sound, we should stop immediately and check the reasons.
(10) when the sewage pump is to be stopped, close the gate valve, pressure gauge, and stop the motor.
(11) in the first month of work, the sewage pump will be replaced after 100 hours, and the oil will be changed once every 500 hours.
(12) regularly adjust the packing gland to ensure that the leakage in the packing room is normal (in case of drip).
(13) regularly check the wear condition of the shaft sleeve and replace it in time after the wear is larger.
(14) when the sewerage pump is used during the winter season, the bottom of the pump should be unscrewed to loosen the medium. And prevent frostbite.
(15) the sewage pump has been suspended for a long time, and the pump should be taken apart and dried up. The rotating part and the joint shall be coated with grease.

The pump is divided into electric and machine two aspects, for the aspect of the machine, as long as the previous maintenance record is adjusted to compare to know. The second is the electricity, to understand the power of each pump motor, we should have a certain understanding of his control system.

It is suitable for pumping liquid containing fiber or other suspended matter under 80 ℃, for urban sewage, industrial and mining enterprises, lining, excrement and urine, it can also pump some aquatic products. If a liquid containing acid and alkalinity and other chemical mixtures containing a large amount of salt is produced, the order should be indicated that the factory can supply the pump with the assembly of anti-corrosive material. The PW type is horizontal pump, The PWL is vertical pump.
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