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The Method of Repairing the Packing Seal of Centrifugal Pump

1. Clean the drain centrifugal pump stuffing box and check whether there are scratches, burrs, etc. And the packing box should be cleaned, shaft surface should be smooth.

2. Check the axial pulsation, the rotors' unbalance measure should be in the allowable range, in order to avoid the excessive vibration, against the packing.

3. Apply sealant to the packing box and shaft surface or apply lubricant to the medium.

4. For the packing of the rolls, take the stick that is the same size as the shaft. To conceal its packing, and then cut with the knife, knife edge is about 45 ° incline.

5. Packing must be loaded by root, and do not load several at once. The method is to take a filler, apply the lubricant, and each of the two sides of the packing interface, along the axis, to open the spiral shape, and then from the incision coat into the journal. Do not pull in the radial direction to avoid interface.

6. Choose a metal shaft sleeve with a size material or a lower shaft hardness than a filler box, push the stuffing into the deep part of the box and apply pressure to the sleeve with a gland to precompress the packing. The pre-compression is 5% ~ 10%, the maximum is 20%. Turn the shaft around and take out the sleeve.

7. In the same way, the second and third roots are filled. We should note that when packing for 4 ~ 8, when loading, we should make the interface 90 ° staggered; Two packing 180 ° staggered; 3 ~ 6 120 ° staggered, in case of leakage through interfaces.

8. After the final packing is finished, the pressure is pressed tightly, but the compression force should not be too large. At the same time, the shaft is rotated with the hand to make the assembly press force tending to the parabolic distribution. Then loosen the lid slightly.

9. Carry out the operation test, if it cannot be sealed, then press a few filler; If the fever is too high, relax it. So the drip leakage and heat is transferred to the only a little so far (packing parts temperature higher than the environment temperature only 30 ~ 40 ℃), it can be put into use.

Installation of packing seals shall comply with technical documentation requirements. If no provision is made, the following requirements shall be met:

1. Check the radial pulsation of the shaft at the sealing part, and the allowable radial movement of the shaft is within 0.03 ~ 0.08 mm.

2. The diameter clearance between the liquid seal ring and the shaft sleeve is about 1.00 ~ 1.5 mm. The diameter gap between liquid seal ring and stuffing box is 0.15 ~ 0.20 mm.

3. The diameter clearance between the packing gland and the shaft sleeve is generally 0.75 ~ 1.00 mm.

4. The diameter gap between packing gland and stuffing box is generally 0.10 ~ 0.30 mm.

5. The diameter clearance between the bottom ring and the axle sleeve is generally 0.70 ~ 1.00 mm when there is the packing bottom ring.

6. After the packing pressure is pressed, the liquid seal ring should be aligned with the liquid seal, or the liquid sealing ring is slightly outside.

7. For the packing of the rolls, take the stick that is the same size as the shaft. To conceal its packing, and then cut with the knife, knife edge is about 45 ° incline.

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